It’s Branson Quiz Time!

Test your knowledge- take the Branson Quiz!

Answers can be found at the bottom of the page. Good Luck!

1. The population of Branson is:
(a) 706 (b) 3552 (c) 7500 (d) 11,100.

2. How many guests visit Branson each year?
(a) 2.1 mil (b) 11 mil. (c) 5.2 mil. (d) 7.9 mil

3. How many miles is it from Springfield, MO to Branson?
(a) 112 mi. (b) 35 mi. (c) 76 mi. (d) 18 mi.

4. What county is Branson in?
(a) Stone (b) Branson (c) Shepherd (d) Taney.

5. Name the three area lakes near Branson.

6. How many theatres are currently operating in Branson?
(a) 52 (b) 23 (c) 76 (d) 40

7. What percentage of visitors come to Branson from more than 300 miles away?
(a) 12% (b) 30% (c) 76% (d) 65%

8. Approximately how many lodging rooms are available in Branson?
(a) 4,000 (b) 18,000 (c) 8,000 (d) 25,000

9. Approximately how many restaurants are there in Branson?
(a) 444 (b) 333 (c) 76 (d) 111

10. What is the name of the river that was dammed to create the area’s three lakes?
(a) Nile (b) Arkansas (c) Ozark (d) White

Thanks for playing- more to come! Let me know how you did!

** Thanks to the City of Branson for supplying the facts and figures!

Answers: 1.(c) 2.(d) 3.(b) 4.(d) 5. Table Rock, Taneycomo, Bull Shoals
6.(a) 7.(d) 8.(b) 9.(a) 10.(d)

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