Best Western Center Pointe front desk agents recognized

The Best Western Center Pointe Inn in Branson has received the Signature Training Award for outstanding quality and hospitality. This award recognizes hotels whose front desk agents obtain a perfect score on all five test calls anonymously made each month by Signature Training examiners.

“We’ve actually received nine perfect scores out of ten calls within the past two months, which places us first out of the 2,100 hotels participating in the program nationally,” observed Richard Frender, General Manager. “The front desk personnel have worked hard to attain this level of excellence and such an honor confirms their commitment to providing quality service.”

The Signature Training program is a follow-up to annual training sessions. Upon training completion, front desk agents are expected to answer the phone according to acceptable procedure. Signature Training examines them by making five anonymous calls each month to all participating hotels. To obtain a perfect score, specific criteria must be met in five distinct areas. The test calls provide a checking system to ensure front desk agents are acting within Signature Training’s guidelines for all calls.

“Receiving all perfect scores within a month is truly commendable,” stated Gail Myer, VP of Operations. “There’s no way to distinguish a Signature Training call from an ordinary inquiry, which says a lot about the front desks’ consistency in excellence.”

Located at 3215 W Highway 76, the Best Western Center Pointe Inn is in the heart of Branson’s entertainment with over 25 shows, attractions and shopping outlets within one mile. The 164-room inn features an indoor pool, spa, sauna, exercise room, game room, deluxe continental breakfast, ticket service, high-speed internet access and level parking.

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