Hamner Barber show praised in MAGIC Magazine

MAGIC, The Magazine for Magicians is considered to be the premiere periodical in the world of magic. The August 2004 cover story titled, “Branson Magic” reviews the best magic and variety shows playing in Branson this season. Their take on the Hamner Barber Variety Show was nothing short of fantastic!

In a full page story, MAGIC magazine Editor John Moehring praised The Hamner’s original stage escape illusion by stating “Vertigo is not only devilishly suspenseful, but it is perhaps the only stage escape that has a surprise climax that seems physically impossible.”

Moehring also complimented Jim Barber’s half of the show as “clever comedy and impeccable ventriloquism.”

The shows talented cast of dancers also received kudos in the review. “Choreographer A.J. Herd struts her stuff in a Broadway dance medley, “Downtown” Kenny Brown sings with elegance and soul, and Tim Lewis is a hoofer par excellence, proving as Dave (Hamner) has already told his audience, “these guys aren’t just a bunch of box jumpers.”

Moehring concluded his review by stating, “The blending of the talents of Jim Barber and Dave Hamner plays well in this show. And because Jim was a magician before he turned to ventriloquism, while Dave practiced ventriloquism as he first learned magic, the two performers have plans to add some new material to the show – that explores what these two talented guys did and didn’t want to be when they grew up.”

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