Here Comes the Sun

I had to chuckle to myself the other day when I heard my four year old daughter sing ‘Rain, Rain, Go Away, Lizzie and Daddy want to play!’ There was a sprinkle coming down and we were having a ball playing in it. Business as usual at our place.

Some business folks in Branson, however, aren’t chuckling about rain. Media reports would have you believe that Branson ought to be changing its name to Atlantis, after the mythical underwater city. Unfortunately, they’re confusing this area with the flooding that occurred in central Iowa, in the northern mid-west and along parts of the Mississippi River on Missouri’s eastern border.

Robert McCracken, head of the Branson Travel Agency, says that he’s fielded numerous questions about the conditions in Branson. ‘What I do is direct my customers to the Internet and show them that Branson remains unaffected. As designed, the dams operated by U.S. Army Corp of Engineers handled the water in the region’s lakes perfectly. We’re flying guests into the airports in St. Louis, Springfield, Kansas City, Tulsa, and northwest Arkansas and they’re having absolutely no problems getting here. Branson is open for business!”

It’s true that we’ve experienced almost a year’s worth of rain in just seven or so months, but, with apologies to Mark Twain, the reports of Branson, Missouri being underwater are greatly exaggerated!

Lizzie and I’ll save some sunshine for you. See you in Branson!

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