Jim Stafford adds two additional shows full of comedy with heart… and strings!

Jim Stafford, critically-acclaimed by the Chicago Tribune as the “Victor Borge of the guitar”, is adding two more dates to the 2005 schedule of his Branson show, Monday, May 2nd, and Tuesday, May 3rd at 7:30 PM.

Jim Stafford says, “Originally I thought I’d take these days off to play and then I thought, wait a minute — the people I want to play with are in my audiences! So, we added the shows and also decided to make them area appreciation days for the residents of Stone and Taney County. They need a little play time too!”

Jim Stafford will debut his new 2005 show, “Comedy with Heart!” on these dates, blending classic Stafford numbers with new guitar, dance, and comedy. Also, Jim’s children– Shea and G.G.–will debut new numbers as they continue to amaze audiences with their musical abilities. “The Jim Stafford Show is unique to Branson as each number is produced to explore human emotion, from love of family to hilarious laughter. The same feeling goes into his guitar; he makes the guitar sing to thrill your heart, then he puts in a move that is hilarious. The audience never knows what is coming,” comments Lianne Milton of Branson Tourism Center.

As Richard Freihofer of the Branson Church Getaway Magazine says, “Jim Stafford is not just a comedian…he is an artist who uses the spoken word to paint hilarious pictures of people being themselves. He finds the words to remind us about what is important in life, and he’s a master at portraying the human spirit!”

Earlier this year, Jim’s theatre underwent an extreme makeover to the seating, lobby, lighting, and sound to provide first-class accommodations for Jim’s audiences. Reservations can be made to fly first-class at the Jim Stafford Theatre in luxurious VIP seating with extra high backs and legroom. General seating has been upgraded as well for more comfort and space. The Stafford Theatre provides the ultimate in luxury seating to Branson audiences.

The Jim Stafford Theatre presents three shows a day during 2005. The Jim Stafford Show runs Monday through Saturday at 7:30 PM. In the afternoons, “50’s At The Hop” performs at 2:00 P.M. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with an additional show on Sundays at 8:00 P.M. Doug Gabriel performs his award-winning morning show at 10 AM Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday in May along with hosting the second year of “Branson Spotlight”, Branson’s premier talent search, on Fridays at 11:00 PM. Tim Hill’s ministry presents “The Suns of Thunder” Morning Worship Service each Sunday morning at 10 AM, free to the public.

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