New in 2007: The GIANT Swing!

7-Story Swing Has Roller-Coaster Speed and Barn-Bursting, High-Flying, Super Soaring Thrills!

New for 2007, Silver Dollar City takes the hands-on, old-fashioned fun of a barn swing and gives it giant-sized, high-tech thrill power – presenting the Giant Swing! This $6 million ride will launch riders more than seven stories in the air — and nearly upside down — at roller-coaster speeds for barn-bursting, high-flying, super-soaring, big-air thrills. The Giant Swing will open in Spring, 2007.

Set within a massive hay barn in the new Great Barn area of the park, the Giant Swing’s two colossal arms hold back-to-back seat rows, so riders soar backward as well as forward. Compressed air power launches the swings, sending riders 75 feet high in opposite directions and through the barn roof before powering them back toward the ground and past each other at speeds up to 45 miles per hour. The swings then soar 75 feet skyward, high above the trees on the other side, arcing a full 230 degrees so riders are nearly upside down. The tremendous acceleration produces back-to-back G-force kicks and sensations of weightlessness for a full throttle, high-flying thrill ride.

Alongside the Giant Swing are two silo-themed, interactive climbing towers where riders use rope-pulls to propel themselves over 30 feet in the air. Using a unique pulley system, pairs of riders can race each other to the top of the tower as it rotates for towering views of the City, before they free-fall gently back down. Kids and parents can ride the silo tower rides together for family-team races to the top.

The Giant Swing seats 16 riders on each swing arm, with a ride capacity of 640 per hour. The height requirement is 48 inches, roughly the height of a six or seven-year-old. The silo tower rides have a capacity of 300 per hour. The Giant Swing is created by S&S Power of Logan, Utah, and the silo towers are by Heege, with construction and theming of the rides by Silver Dollar City. They will be located behind the Lost River waterway in a previously undeveloped area.

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