Sight & Sound Theatre set to open in May!

NOAH - The Musical Sight & Sound TheatreThe Sight & Sound Theatre, one of Branson’s largest and most elaborate theatrical undertakings is set to open May 24, 2008. The theatre will open with the show “NOAH – The Musical.” This is a great addition to the great shows and attractions that have become a staple of Branson.

Sight & Sound visitors will be amazed by the live animals and a stage production unlike any seen in Branson before. A huge facility set in the Ozark mountains provides an amazing backdrop for this brand-new theatre.

As described on their website, NOAH – The musical:

After God reveals to the righteous Noah that a flood will extinguish all life on earth, He charges the man to construct an ark massive enough to shelter his family, any other true believers, and pairs of every species of living creature.

Lacking materials, Noah takes his three sons to Nod, a city in decline. The family tries in vain to convince their friends and neighbors to join them, and are ridiculed and attacked throughout the decades it takes them to fulfill God’s command.

Watch Noah and his family try to care not only for themselves while at sea, but for their vast menagerie as well. Experience their stress at being cooped up together for more than a year. When their trying journey is finally complete, marvel at the wonder of God’s reward for Noah’s unquestioning obedience and devotion to Him.

For more information or to order tickets please call: 1-800-785-1550 or check out this link NOAH-The Musical.

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