Silver Dollar City blasts into 2005 with new explosive-launch coaster

Silver Dollar City blasts into 2005 with a new explosive-launch roller coaster, Powder Keg; a new Bluegrass & BBQ festival combining the hot sounds of American bluegrass music with an all-American favorite food; and a new Salute to the American Cowboy within the Festival of American Music & Crafts. New for Kids’ Fest, “Newton’s Revenge” is a live show that explores the zany side of science, and the “Purina Dog Team Challenge” presents world-champion Frisbee-catching dogs in amazing team competitions. Throughout the season, the 1880s-style theme park features music and entertainment, demonstrating craftsmen, themed rides and foods from festival specialties to home-cooked feasts.

Opening in Spring, the new $10 million roller coaster Powder Keg sends riders into a thrill zone within seconds of climbing aboard, launching riders from 0 to 53 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds. A thrill ride unlike any other in the history of the theme park, Powder Keg combines the shocking speed of the compressed air-launch with spiraling turns, negative gravitational or “G” forces, and “floater” hills at speeds up to 64 miles per hour for a truly wild ride experience, billed as a “blast in the wilderness.”

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