Bodies… The Exhibition open in Branson

Premier Exhibitions today announced that BODIES…The Exhibition, its groundbreaking exhibition featuring real human bodies, will make its Missouri debut in Branson. This world-famous anatomical exhibition will open at 9 Treasure Lake Drive, adjacent to the Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex.

The Exhibition takes visitors through several galleries providing an up-close look inside the skeletal, muscular, reproductive, respiratory, circulatory and other systems of the human body. Many of the 250+ whole body specimens are dissected in vivid athletic poses, allowing the visitor to relate to everyday activities. The Exhibition will change the way people see themselves. It is designed to enlighten, empower, fascinate, and inspire.

“We look forward to making BODIES part of Branson’s family friendly programming,” states Arnie Geller, President and CEO of Premier Exhibitions, Inc. “Visitors will be introduced to a unique and groundbreaking Exhibition that will leave them educated and inspired to take better care of themselves”.

The real human body specimens in the exhibition are preserved through a revolutionary technique called polymer preservation. In this process, human tissue is permanently preserved using liquid silicone rubber that is treated and hardened. The end result is a rubberized specimen, preserved to the cellular level, showcasing the complexity of the body’s many bones, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and organs. The full-body specimens can take more than a year to prepare.

The Exhibition has attracted nearly four million visitors and is currently receiving worldwide acclaim in New York, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., Lisbon, Prague and other cities around the globe.

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