Sight & Sound Theatres(R) Brings ‘Christian Broadway’-Style Shows to Branson, Missouri

Imagine witnessing the most beloved stories of the Bible come to life on one of the largest stages in the country. Sight & Sound Theatres(R), described by some as “the Christian
Broadway,” will premiere the epic Bible story of Noah on May 24, 2008, at its new theatre in Branson, Mo., a month ahead of the originally scheduled

The new Branson theatre, located at 1001 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway, is 339,000 square feet with a stage area of 26,550 square feet
and seating for 2,085 patrons.

The production’s 300-foot stage that wraps around three sides of the audience, 40-foot high sets, cast of 45 actors, elaborate costumes,
breathtaking special effects, and hundreds of live and animatronic animals captivate and transport audience members as they experience Noah and his
family’s journey of persecution, faithfulness, hope and redemption.

Sight & Sound Theatres is the nation’s largest professional Christian theatre company and one of the most-attended live theatres on the East
Coast. Founded in 1976 by Glenn and Shirley Eshelman, Sight & Sound Theatres has produced spectacular, epic stories of the Bible at its
original location in Lancaster County, Pa., where more than 800,000 theatergoers from across the country and around the world attend shows

“We are committed to remaining on the forefront of bringing the word of God to life with exceptional quality, honoring God and encouraging the
faith of our guests,” said Eshelman.

About Sight & Sound Theatres:

The name “Sight & Sound” was inspired by the teaching of Jesus found in Matthew 13:10-23 where Jesus explains to the disciples why he spoke to the
people in parables or stories.

Sight & Sound’s purpose is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ by visualizing and dramatizing the scriptures, through inspirational
productions, encouraging others and seeking always to be dedicated and wise stewards of God-given talents and resources.

While it is a ministry, the company is not affiliated with any external organization or any particular church denomination. It is a for-profit
organization and operates without charitable support.

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See a sneak preview of “Noah – The Musical” at BransonFest

A sneak preview of what visitors to Branson can expect to see at the brand new Sight & Sound Theatre, opening in 2008, will be performed on Friday, April 13, during BransonFest at the Welk Resort Theatre. A scene from “Noah – the Musical,” the spectacular production about the ark-building patriarch who trusted God amidst the great flood, will be performed by Karen Knight as Noah’s wife (named Emuwnah and pronounced ee-MOO-nah) and Jon Sneed, an Ozarks’ native excited about returning to the area, who plays Noah.

Presented on Sight & Sound’s 300-foot-long wraparound stage, “Noah – the Musical” will feature a four-story ark that surrounds the audience, along with over 80 live animals, more than 50 animatronic animals and a professional cast of about 50. Story, song, and spectacular staging bring each of Sight & Sound Theatres’ epic shows to life. The dozens of professional actors attired in elaborate costumes, meticulously detailed sets towering up to 40 feet high, trained animals, unmatched special effects, and beautifully memorable music will inspire guests seeing it for the first time in Branson next year. More than one million people have seen the show at Sight & Sound’s Pennsylvania location.

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Sight and Sound plans expansion

Sight & Sound Theatres® is planning to establish an additional theatre location, to be built in Branson, Missouri. The project would include constructing a duplicate of the company’s Millennium Theatre® in Branson, where Sight & Sound is in the process of acquiring 50 acres of land. The company’s current corporate offices in Strasburg would remain the corporate headquarters, and all Sight & Sound operations in Lancaster County would continue as usual. Contingent on final approval of the project, the targeted opening date for the Branson theatre is June 2008.

Sight & Sound Theatres has been described in many ways: “the largest faith-based live theatre in America,” “the Christian Broadway,” “one of the top three theatre destinations on the East Coast” . . . and the list goes on. Each year, about 800,000 people come from across the country and around the world to experience a production at one of Sight & Sound’s two theatres in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

The company’s purpose is to visualize and dramatize the Bible through live stage productions, illustrating truth in the same way that Jesus did, by storytelling. Sight & Sound’s original musical theatre productions are characterized by the spectacular. Most shows feature a professional cast of more than 50, elaborate sets towering up to 40 feet high, hundreds of costumes, and trained animals ranging from camels and horses to dogs and flight-trained birds. Spectacular special effects permeate the shows and include set pieces that rise up through the stage floor, 3D video imaging, pyrotechnics, and artistic lighting effects including lasers. The company’s two theatres are the 2,000-seat Millennium Theatre and the 650-seat Living Waters Theatre, the company’s original location.

Prominent shows at the Theatres have included Noah-The Musical, Abraham & Sarah-A Journey of Love, and Daniel-A Dream, A Den, A Deliverer. Two new shows premiering in 2005 are Ruth, which opens May 21, 2005 at Millennium Theatre, and Psalms of David, opening June 18, 2005 at Living Waters Theatre. Leading off the 2005 season is the Easter spectacular, Behold the Lamb (March 5 – April 9, 2005), a perennial favorite to which new songs and additional special effects were recently added. The 2005 season concludes with Miracle of Christmas (November 12, 2005 – January 7, 2006), which recreates the world into which Jesus was born and concludes in a stunning Nativity scene featuring flying angels, three camels, majestically-costumed wise men and elaborate special effects.

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