Titanic Museum Attraction declares February “Sweetheart Month”

February promises to be especially sweet for visitors at the World’s Largest Titanic Museum Attraction Titanic Museum Attraction. Sweetheart Month, which kicks off February 1, will invite guests to celebrate their own love stories as they relive the on-screen romance between “Rose” and “Jack” the star-crossed lovers in Titanic, James Cameron’s Oscar winning movie.

“Romance and adventure were definitely in the air when Titanic set sail on April 14, 1912,” says Mary Kellogg-Joslyn, co-owner of the museum attraction. “Fourteen couples traveling on Titanic were on their honeymoon, nine in first class. There were also young, brides-to-be sailing to America to start a new life there. As you might recall, Rose was among this group.”

“Because so many of our guests have seen the movie they feel they know Rose and Jack and wonder if they will have the opportunity to meet them while visiting us,” explains Kellogg-Joslyn. “We already have a number of character players at the museum attraction who interact with visitors, so we decided to recast the film’s two most famous characters: Rose De Witt Buker and Jack Dawson.”

“For the first time anywhere, our young players will appear in costumes drawn from original designs created by Deborah Scott for the movie. Rose, will be dressed in the elaborate traveling suit and extravagant, wide-brimmed hat she wore on arrival at the ship; ‘Jack’ in the modest clothes that identify him as a third-class passenger.” Says Kellogg-Joslyn. “We feel blending the reality of the Titanic experience with the fictional aspects of the movie will help create a whole, new appreciation of this incredible story.”

The World’s Largest TITANIC Museum Attraction is Branson’s new landmark tourist destination. The 17,000 square-foot, ship-shaped structure – built half scale to Titanic’s original size – towers more than 100 feet above its anchored position on Highway 76. A 90-minute self-guided tour covers 20 galleries on two decks where over 400 priceless artifacts that once belonged to Titanic’s passengers or crew are on display. None of the artifacts were retrieved from the ocean’s floor. A creative mix of music from the period is accompanied by dramatic lighting, ambient sound, photographs, video and hands-on devices give visitors the sensation of being an original passenger on Titanic’s 1912 maiden voyage.

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