Branson’s White House Theatre’s Christian television

Branson’s White House Theatre’s Christian television concept will now be available nationwide. The Magnificent Gospel Showcase has been in production since May of this year by White House Television Productions and has recently been picked up by the Sky Angel Network. Debuting its’ first of eighteen episodes on September 28th of 2007, this show features Los Angeles Comedian Ron McGehee and the very best of today’s Christian and Gospel artists along with Tamra Holden and the Cast and Band of The Magnificent Seven Variety Show here in Branson. The live taping will be held at the White House Theatre the first Saturday of every month at 1pm, and tickets are available to the general public.

The Series will be shown in a one-hour format and will be aired every fourth Friday of the month beginning September 28th at 8pm CT on Angel 2, the “Special Events” channel of Sky Angel. Throughout the show the audience will be entertained with hilarious comedy and vibrant, spirit-filled production numbers along with an exciting concert from one of today’s top Grammy and Dove Award winning artists such as The Classic Imperials, Crystal River, and The Galloways, with future artists to include The Martins, Hope’s Call and many more. LA Comedian Ron McGehee, who has also appeared on the hit series Bananas, NBC’s Last Comic Standing as a Semi-Finalist, and NBC/Laugh Factory Latino/Asian-American Comedy Showcase as a Finalist, will be the host for the one hour event and will be showcasing his talent as a “Clean” Comedian. Ron McGehee has become highly sought after as a comedian and host, and has recently filmed an unnamed comedy pilot with CBS producers to write as well as appear on the show.

As an independent producer of exceptional family entertainment, White House Television Productions has created Telly Award winning programming utilizing our multi-million dollar production facility, qualified staffed entertainers, and the best technical support staff in the area. The company is locally owned and operated here in Branson, and has become known for creating high quality, family oriented, musically based productions that promote traditional American family values.

The Sky Angel Network is based out of Florida and has been providing family and Christian based programming for over 25 years. Reaching virtually anywhere in the Continental United States, Sky Angel Network has over 30 channels on television and radio and features programming from some of the Nation’s best, including The Hallmark Channel, HGTV, TBN and Fox. For more information on programming and scheduling at Sky Angel, visit

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